5 Top Destinations To Visit With Airbnb

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in AirBNB

Airbnb has radically changed the way people make their travel and accommodation plans. This is a people driven industry that seeks to do things differently from the traditional hospitality methods we all knew. People are not longer looking for mere accommodation; they are looking for comfort, adventure, and uniqueness, even some privacy. Igloos, tree houses, cottages; these are just some of the types of houses that many guests seek. Every now and then, Airbnb releases a list of some of the top destinations; these are the designations that most visitors are heading to, as well as where hosts are reporting full bookings. From Europe, to America, the Caribbean; the list includes destinations spread far and wide.

  1. The mushroom villa; this is a tree house in Indonesia that has been nicknamed by the locals as The Mushroom Villa. It is a budget house that comes with a turquoise pool and beautiful palm trees that dot the compound. The fact that you can easily stroll to the nearby ocean makes it a top destination for many.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean getaway; this is another top Airbnb destination located in California, USA.  It also doubles up as a music studio, thanks to its impressive and unique interior décor.  There are artificial waterfalls and swimming pools, giving visitors an experience like no other anywhere else in the world.
  3. Tuscan Tree house; this is another popular tree house located in Italy. It offers Airbnb guests a chance to sightsee the wine growing country that spreads yonder.  One of the most interesting facts about it is that it has a wine cellar that’s estimated to be hundreds of years old, and still has ancient wines stocked.
  4. Sea shell house; The Sea Shell house Mexico is also a top destination with an interior and exterior theme that borrows from sea shells. The shower, ceiling, and basically everything is crafted from shells. Visitors have their own pool, and can stroll to the nearby beach with ease.
  5. Off grid house; the Off grid House in California is popular partly because it’s eco friendly, but also because it offers a good view of the nearby California desert.  It’s a nice little house in the middle of nowhere, and gets brightly lit at night.

The above are some of the top Airbnb destinations. Like you’ll have noticed, most of these destinations are in the US where Airbnb properties have reported up to 300% increased bookings!

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