Top 10 Tips For Starting a Blog in 2018 in UK

Tips to Start a Blog

Bloggers lifestyle in UK can only be followed the most dedicated persons, who are passionate about what they are doing in their own niche. As a regular blogger, we recommend you to follow the below tips for reaching heights, you had never expected before.

  1. Daily should be daily. When you fix your mind for blogging daily it must be followed.
  2. Choose the niche you’re expertise with, so you can explore them with your blogging for a long period of time.
  3. Build your relationship with like-minded people for blogging, so you feel no negative thoughts on your growth.
  4. Make use of your social media accounts to grow an audience for yourself. They will bring in some traffic to your blog and positive vibes for your thoughts.
  5. If you haven’t started the blog, make use of the checklist in infographics below, which we follow before starting every blog.
  6. The blog which you do daily must have catchy images, so engagement of users on your blog will be quite longer than usual.
  7. Widen the platform by exploring new fields of blogging, so the user flow into your blog can see the variety of content.
  8. Your blog’s design has to be understandable and responsive in designs. So, Users can feel the navigation from one page to the other.
  9. Choose the best web hosting company which is trustworthy and reliable with great support. We personally recommend SeekAHost for hosting your blogging website.
  10. Finally, Monetize your blog and make money out of it. We didn’t say this as the first step since blogging is most important than making money. If your blogs are not valuable, you can’t see the huge money that can be potentially attained.



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