About Occupational Health and Safety

OHS which is referred to Occupational Health and Safety.  It is also referred as Occupational safety and health, Workplace Health and Safety or Occupational health. This field is very much concerned with Health, Welfare and safety of the people at work.

The Ultimate Goal of the Occupational Health and Safety programs is to include the safe and healthy work environment. Occupational Health and Safety supports the Co-workers, Employers, Customers, Family Members and many other people who may be affected by the Work Environment.

There is a law for the employees where the employers have the common law duty to take reasonable care of their own employees safety.  Even there may be any hard work or harder work, the employees must take care of their own health and must take some serious steps to keep themselves safe.

It is mainly based on the three factors.

  1. Maintenance and promotion of the workers
  2. Improvement of working environment
  3. Development of work organization and working culture.


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