Why Do Magicians Love To Perform In Virtual Magic Shows?

Why do Magicians Love to Perform in Virtual Magic Shows

The pandemic and lockdown have affected each and every aspect of our personal lives, our professional lifestyle as well as social and market conditions. After schools and offices adopted the policy of ‘work from home’, other organisations and institutions followed soon after. Gradually, every single event and facet of our social and private settings gained an online or virtual outlook and societies, as well as the entire world, have adapted to these situations.

This virtual reality, instead of difficulty, has now become the new normal for each one of us. We have had to change our very lifestyles to suit and accommodate these changes. And the condition is not different for the magicians of the world. They have had to adapt to these situations and changes as well. Due to the pandemic and lockdown guidelines, it is not possible to host live magic shows any longer. This was the source of quite a few troubles and other problematic situations for the magicians in the initial period. But during all these months, the solution to these problems came in the form of virtual magic shows.

Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual magic shows provided the magicians with the opportunity to continue social distancing entertaining and awing their audience in those desolate days. They were able to excite and wow their viewers as well as continue to display their passion, innovativeness, creativity and imagination. As their magic shows were also their sources of income, the virtual magic shows also allowed them to bounce back after the sudden economic recession.

But they have had to adapt to the virtual platform as well. These magic shows are very similar, yet equally different, from their traditional magic shows. Just like how these magicians used to call upon a member of the audience to the stage as a volunteer for their tricks, some people in the online meeting are also chosen as volunteers. And although it is not quite the same, the principle of the activity remains.

Performing In front of live audience

But performing in front of a live audience and in front of a camera is quite different. In fact, most magicians are believed to have started enjoying virtual magic shows more so than live ones. This is mainly because being behind the camera allows them to develop and employ numerous interesting and exciting magic tricks, some of which might not have been possible in live magic shows. The use of similarly purposed software and applications have also contributed to their cause. Therefore, it can be said that while the transition period was difficult, today, magicians have grown to love performing in virtual magic shows.

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