Evolution of URALCHEM (From 2007 to 2018)

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URALCHEM Group is a company renowned for its effort in producing and supplying high-quality fertilizer for farmers in Russia and other countries throughout the world. Currently, URALCHEM is the top Ammonium Nitrate producer in Russia. It is slowly gaining ground to beat other fertilizer manufacturing companies by being the top supplier for other chemical products and mineral fertilizers.

But let’s go back to the beginning. When was URALCHEM founded? Where is the company now and what does the future hold? Read on to find out.

How URALCHEM was Birthed

URALCHEM was founded in 2007 by a prominent billionaire businessman Dmitry Mazepin. Dmitry has a strong economic background, having earned a Ph.D. and Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Organization Management. He sought to acquire stakes in distinguished companies like Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works, Halogen, Khimprom (now Renova), Berezniki Chemical Works (Azot) and Mineral Fertilizers Works in Perm.
Mazepin, after gathering wealth investing and acquiring stakes in large corporations, took the plunge and invested everything in starting URALCHEM. The company continued to acquire stakes in other companies to expand.
From then on, it has been victory after victory as Uralchem grows in leaps and bounds venturing in markets across Europe and Africa. Here’s a year by year countdown of achievements and milestones.


This year, URALCHEM OJSC, the parent company, was founded. Later within the same year, URALCHEM Freight Limited and URALCHEM-TRANS LLC were also established. URALCHEM Freight Limited is a subsidiary company that offers transport by ship from ports, forwarding services and water shipment for its products meant for countries overseas.
URALCHEM-TRANS LLC, on the other hand, is a subsidiary company that offers rail transport for various URALCHEM plants.


URALCHEM continued to invest in other companies like Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers, where it has 71.7 percent stake and Togliattiazot, where it has a 7.5 percent stake. Within this year, URALCHEM also opened trading houses in Brazil and Russia.
In 2009, URALCHEM acquired a 44.3 Percent stake in JSC Perm Mineral Fertilizers. Later Uralchem obtained a 100% stake in the same company.


Owing to mass acquisitions, URALCHEM also inherited a lot of debt. URALCHEM, therefore, entered the London stock exchange market to try to raise $600 million against their 40% URALCHEM shares to help settle these debts. A move was failed by unavoidable external factors.


This year the company would return to make a solid statement by obtaining 19.99% shares in Uralkali, which is the top potash fertilizer manufacturer.
In the same year, Dmitry Mazepin built a commercial port in Latvia, Riga Port. It would serve as a storage and handling plant for fertilizer scheduled to be shipped to different countries. Now URALCHEM ships fertilizer to countries far away in Africa, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Angola, and Mozambique.


Now, Dmitry Mazepin led URALCHEM continues to finesse its fertilizers to produce high-quality chemical products and increase its output. This, in a bid to satisfy demand and supply its fertilizers to top agricultural hubs and countries all over the world. Some of their new top products include Micro-Prilled Urea and Clarified Phosphoric acid.
As a result of its massive achievements, Dmitry Mazepin, through Uralchem, supports various charities and philanthropy programs in Russia and other countries where it also operates.


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